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Hardwood Floor Resurfacing: An Affordable Alternative

Our hardwood floor resurfacing service in Albertville, AL is the ideal way to achieve the look you want for your floors without breaking the bank! Resurfacing your wood floors is much simpler and less effort than refinishing because it only requires removing and replacing the old finish. That’s why prices start at just $0.99 per sq/ft! If you’re looking for hardwood restoration in Albertville, resurfacing with Fabulous Floors is the quickest and most economical option for you.

before and after hardwood floor resurfacing in Albertville, AL
a resurfaced floor

What’s The Difference Between Resurfacing & Refinishing?

While any floor can be refinished, our resurfacing service is a bit more exclusive. If your wood floors show only minor damage and warping, you may be able to get by with a resurfacing. However, a floor with deep scratches, intense scuffs, and significant stains will need a refinishing. Lucky for you, Fabulous Floors refinishes hardwood floors in Albertville too! The service may cost a bit more, but it’s still far more cost-effective than a full replacement. If you’re wondering which service would suit your floors best, contact us to set up a consultation! Now that you know the difference, you may be wondering if your floor qualifies for resurfacing. Feel free to contact us with any questions and to set up a consultation! Our skilled craftsmen will be more than happy to give you an expert opinion.

We Offer Albertville Convenience & Quality

The time to complete a floor resurfacing in Albertville can vary depending on the size of the floor. It will usually take between one and three days. That’s incredibly quick and efficient! Plus, resurfacing is virtually dust and odor-free because no sanding is required. Affordable rates, fast turnaround times, and customer happiness are our top priorities at Fabulous Floors Alabama. We have also been GREENGUARD certified, which means that we are dedicated to environmental responsibility and the health and safety of our customers. Why would you choose to resurface your hardwood floors in Albertville with anybody else?

“Fabulous Floors were great from beginning to end! They were very knowledgeable and meticulous about their work and it definitely shows in the end result. I’m extremely happy with them and I would recommend them to my friends and family.”

-Aaron A.


Our Hardwood Floor Resurfacing Process:


    1. Increases the look and overall value of your home or business.
    2. Alleviates the pain and stress of living with damaged floors.
    3. Allows you the freedom to restore your floor to its original color or change it up with one of our many stain options.
    4. Protects your floors from daily foot traffic to ensure a long-lasting finish and change.
    5. Is virtually dust and odor-free to keep your home free of allergens.
    6. Can remove scratches without sanding.
    7. Is fast and convenient to focus on your complete satisfaction.
    8. Allows you to get back to your normal routine sooner.
    9. Will do the job for you so you no longer have to worry about it.
    10. Works within your budget.


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