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Curious About How To Care For Your Hardwood Floors?

Then you’re in the right place! Adding hardwood floors to your home creates a beautiful look and can increase its resale value. But, no matter how well you take care of them, it’s inevitable that natural wear and tear will eventually take its toll. That’s why we’ve taken the time to bring together this list of best practices to help keep your Huntsville hardwood floors looking their best. At Fabulous Floors Alabama, we’re committed to helping our clients maintain the beauty of their flooring for years to come!

Wood Floor Maintenance Tips

a refinished hardwood floor being maintained in birmingham, alKeep Your Floors Clean

A weekly vacuuming and mopping will help repel dust, bacteria, and other items that can scratch or wear down the floor over time. Additionally, sweeping every few days is an easy way to keep dirt from settling on the wood surface. When using a vacuum, make sure to use the hardwood floor setting to avoid damaging the wood’s finish.

Prevent Damage to Your Floors

Placing mats or rugs in your entryways is an easy way to prevent dirt collection. It’s important to choose mats or rugs without an adhesive or abrasive bottom.

Don’t Use Water on Your Floors

Never use water to clean your hardwood floors. Water can deteriorate the wood. Most stores carry a special wood floor cleaner that can be sprayed and wiped away with a soft cloth. Know the finish of your floors (for example, polyurethane or wax) so you can choose the right cleaner.

Maintain Polyurethane Finishes

Floors with a polyurethane finish will need special attention. Depending on the amount of foot traffic, these floors should be inspected and re-coated every 3-5 years. Our resurfacing service is a great option for this!

Avoid Stains at All Costs

Stains are hard to prevent, but do all you can to keep tough substances from being spilled on your floors. When stains do happen, rubbing alcohol and steel wool should do the trick. However, this will leave a mark on the wood and damage the stain, so you’ll need to polish your floors in that spot.

Use Area Rugs

Cover high-traffic areas with large rugs. Not only will this prevent damage to your hardwood floors, but these rugs can add a nice touch to your room.

Refinish or Resurface Your Wood Floor

Eventually, every wood floor will wear down. When it comes time to restore it, we hope you give us a call! We offer the best hardwood floor resurfacing and refinishing services in the Huntsville area.

We hope these tips are helpful! For all of your hardwood flooring needs, contact Fabulous Floors or get a free price estimate today!