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Have You Heard of Hardwood Floor Resurfacing?

If you’re looking to bring your hardwood floor back to life, the usual thought is that hardwood floor refinishing will restore its beauty. But this option can be costly and sometimes not even necessary depending on how much work needs to be done. That’s why Fabulous Floors Alabama offers an inexpensive yet effective alternative—hardwood floor resurfacing! Our rate starts at a mere 99 cents per square foot, making it perfect for milder cases of damage where sanding isn’t required.

Why Choose Fabulous Floors Alabama?

It’s not hyperbole to say that we offer the best hardwood floor resurfacing in Montgomery, AL! The reason we say that is because we’ve been proven to deliver high-quality results at a great value. Plus, we constantly train on best customer service practices so we know how to treat you and your floor the right way.

Hardwood Floor resurfacing in Montgomery, AL

What’s The Difference Between Refinishing & Resurfacing Hardwood Floors?

The process used for each of these services is what distinguishes them. Refinishing includes stripping, sanding, staining and finishing the wood floor; whereas hardwood floor resurfacing in Montgomery just requires removing the existing finish and replacing it with a new one—no mess or dust! However, not every type of floor can be resurfaced–simply contact us today to see if yours qualifies!


“Fabulous Floors were great from beginning to end! They were very knowledgeable and meticulous about their work and it definitely shows in the end result. I’m extremely happy with them and I would recommend them to my friends and family.” – Aaron A.

a floor after a resurfacing​Additional Benefits of Choosing Hardwood Floor Resurfacing from Fabulous Floors Alabama:

  • Get your home sold faster or simply add in some value.
  • Take out the stress of living with damaged wood flooring.
  • Your floor will stay looking fresh for longer with our high-quality stains/finishes.
  • Defend against the daily foot traffic.
  • Keeps the typical renovation dust to a minimum.
  • Removes scratches quickly and effectively at a low-rate.

Clearly, there’s no better way to bring back the beauty of your wood floors in Montgomery than a hardwood floor resurfacing from the crew here at Fabulous Floors Alabama! Give us a call today if it’s time to resurface your old flooring.


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